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Yankee Flyers of Connecticut Welcome

Hello and welcome...

Hello and welcome to the Yankee Flyers Blog, here you can talk about everthing to do with our hobby . You can post questions to get input from others on what works and what dos'nt , what flys and what wont,. Tell us what your building or tell us what your crashing ! I hope to soon have the categories figured out , so look for such things as "Builders Corner" to discuss what your building, different techniques ect. Visit often and try to keep it clean and all age freindly...


THE APRIL MEETING AT THE CHURCH WILL BE THE LAST INDOOR MEETING AND THE FIRST USING THE 6:30 START TIME. I'm happy to announce that the field in Brooklyn is in fine shape for the upcoming season. After the snow melts and rain storms I had to park at the top of the hill and walk down and put up with standing water but it was worth it. Building season started for me in Sept. I scratch built a couple stunt planes and won two kits at a contest raffle. I remodeled a couple others in my spare time. I'm looking forward to the new contest season and I plan on making at least one in NJ. AMA District one news lists two r/c flea markets in April. One in Turners Fall, Ma on April 6 and the other in Bridgewater,Ma on April 13. Meetings during the Spring/Summer months are held at the flying field in Killingly. It's time to get those planes, engines and batteries back in shape. See you at the field.

Airplanes For Sale

Leo Trembly has these models pictured below for he has not put a price on them they are at make an offer status at this time for more info or intrest e-mail the club We are now both retired and have wanted to relocate to Fort Collins for several years. As I look at what needs to be moved to my new basement work shop, I have decided to slightly down size the fleet and have the following for sale. I have been flying this since 1995 and it is great on water or land. $325.

2. Lanier Mariner .120. This is strictly water only. No, the Mariner is not under powered. Includes an Airtronics Infinity 660 radio on channel 16, installed and ready to go. This flies like a big pattern plane. It is very responsive without being hard to handle. $350 3. Sig 4 Star 60. Low wing with ailerons. Engine is an OS FS-70 Surpass. Includes an Airtronics Infinity 660 fully installed on channel # 34 and is ready to go. $275. I will be happy to take any of these out and go flying if there is interest.

For the helicopter pilots there is also a thirty by thirty foot helicopter pad;

Only models set up for water will be permitted to fly 2013 AMA required AMA Safety Regulations in effect Flying Time 9 AM till 4PM A boat will be available to retrieve craft We face the west so the sun is no problem. Don't Buzz the beach area to reduce the risk of a crash in the parking lot or spectating area. Members are reminded to fly clear of the buildings in the industrial park. Please do not fly over or near any building.


From the North: Take Route 12 south. As you approach the large bend in the road that goes around Colts Plastic complex the church is on your right. You will cross a bridge with the Colts Plastic complex on the right. After you go around the large bend in the road the church is on your left.

Our fascination for flying

Man’s passion for flying has generated amazing inventions of airplanes through time, which many have changed people’s lives forever. Whether you wanted to become a pilot from a certain young age, or you discovered your love for planes later, flying gives you a feeling that is impossible to experience when you keep your feet on the ground. The travel and movement, and everything that comes with it are things you will most definitely appreciate.

For aviators, flying means much more than just being able to get from destination to another. Above all, it is about the adrenaline rush and the unique sensations you feel when you explore the lands you love from enormous heights. Ever since the first ride, you will not be able to forget the smell of a cockpit, the engines’ buzz or the excitement you get when you look down and see the world shrinking beneath your feet as you rise into the blue.

The sky is the limit if you want to relax and see places that can only be reached by plane. Passionate flyers can take advantage and see how astronauts train at the Space Center Houston. During rainy days, pop through the clouds and you can put a smile on your face and enjoy sunbathing, while people are stuck in a stormy weather on the ground. Have a look at the local shiny skyscrapers, tall luxurious hotels and share with your Houston escort many other breathtaking views during your jet ride.

Even though it is difficult to tell if you will feel small or great up there, the diversity of landscapes and colors offers you a broader perspective of the earth. As you pass countless cities, seas and mountains, you will be amazed to find that actually persons live where you see those tiny dots of light. Every day, the sky is filled with either bright crimson and deep blue or soothing pastel shades. Science, beauty and adventure meets you when you take off.

As not all humans can fly, the ability to control a machine at big altitudes brings a sense of freedom and thrill to the aviation enthusiasts. The plane becomes an extension of your body and the moments you spend in the air are the only ones that matter. All senses are directed on flying and you shut down the rest of the world. When you notice how white silky clouds rush by, you feel the speed in every part of your body.

Some individuals have found another way to be entertained by the air spectacle. If you are scared of heights, or you cannot take aviation courses, take great pleasure in radio-controlled planes. Small, easy to handle but powerful, they allow you to discover plenty of fields and peaks. Whether float fly versions are your thing, or you like combat aircrafts, this sport will be love at first touch. More, everyone can try it, as it does not require any special age group, technical and physical abilities.

Check in store or online and find your perfect items. Take part in club meetings authorized by the Academy of Model Aeronautics and bring your models to open airfields available for instruction or contests. No matter you fly real-size planes or small scale ones, dare to conquer the sky and let the aviator’s blood course right through your veins.